Wednesday, June 18, 2008

How to write creative blog posts?

This blog post is meant for bloggers who find bliss when they are satisfied with their writing. Sometimes we all feel exhilarated when we have completed our work-any work I mean, it need not be necessarily a blog post.

But at times, we seem to get stuck for imagination, words and ideas. Those are the times we are not at peace with ourselves. Though our purpose is to write a blog post, our mind may be else where consciously or unconsciously. At those times, we would rather be there than here.

Simplest thing to get back your self: (This works and has worked for me every time.)
At times of creativity blockages, simply step back from your PC. Lie down on your bed and focus only on your breathe. Stop thinking; if your mind still wanders, gently bring it back.

Relax totally as if you have nothing else to do for the rest of your life.

Now sit in front of your computer after doing that exercise (?) for just 10 minutes and see the difference.

What happened in those 15 minutes?
You were connected with your inner self-your own source that is connected with everything and everybody in this universe!
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