Wednesday, June 18, 2008

To forgive is to give for.

To forgive is to give for-read somewhere and I guess it must be Dr. Wayne Dyer or Eckhart Tolle as I read their books most frequently.

Whoever said that but what a way to define 'Forgive'-it has made a profound impact on me as if every cell in my body carries that message and thus making me sure I never forget that.

What happens when we forgive?
It instantly gives freedom, freedom from carrying resentment, judgment and any other negative emotion that we carry against anybody or even any place!

From Hugh Prather quotes:
" Forgive, but do not wonder how you must act. Forgive, but do not try to convince another to forgive. Forgive, but do not hold yourself superior that you have done so. Simply forgive. Wrap your forgiveness around you like a cloak of light, a spiritual barrier that protects your happiness and your peace, but closes no one out."

Tell me dear, can you hear anything better today?idea
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