Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stop thinking.

Mankind's most dangerous affliction is the ability to think.

I am mean it buddy. If you spend just a few seconds to watch or listen to the mental noise coming from you, you will be baffled at this incessant rush of thoughts which are invariably focused on absolutely irrelevant past or on distant future.

If you care to analyze your thoughts, you will be ashamed at the amount catastrophic nature of them. You will hardly think on good feeling thoughts. Even if you start thinking on positive thoughts, as you linger, you will tend to be practical and start introducing unfavorable outcome and divert your thoughts on how to overcome those undesirable outcome.

Rather, I should say you will start rehearse failure.

I have put in to practice saying aloud the word, "STOP" whenever my thoughts wander on without any purpose. I am still saying "STOP" hundred times a day but it was in thousands one year before.

Now I think only to deal with the present moment and I am able to switch off thinking at least for a few minutes.

Try it and you will realize how difficult it is and you will also realize how easy and pleasant your life is, once you are able to stop thinking just for a few seconds in the beginning.

I guarantee miracles will happen in your life.
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1 comment:

Franco said...

Hi Malathy...you're so right. Our mind fluctuates all the time. Dwelling into the past and the future. Hardly in the present. These actions take away all the good energies that can be channeled into the goodness of the person.

Neti (nothing) is my way condition my mind from wondering when I meditate. Watching the thoughts can be so calming. How many of us have really stop to watch our thoughts at the end of the day and learn to discard the ones we shouldn't be keeping.

I recommend that each person may try it to only discover he or she can sleep much better.