Thursday, April 17, 2008

How to communicate with God?

Before you want to know how to communicate with God, you need to tell me what is your idea of God!

If by chance you have an idea of dual power God, one the does good and one that punishes for bad deeds, then you need not read this article.

But if you strongly believe that God is good and so, all that he created is also good, then we are on the same vibrational frequency and you will understand what I am saying.

Have you ever heard God speak to his children through a megaphone that is connected with cone speakers hoisted on poles on the road side at regular intervals?

No! Ok, then you understand that God will not speak like humans but still communicate with us.
So, how does he do?

He communicates with us through silence. Because he is silent, that is the only language he knows. And to hear or feel his communication, we should also be silent. Not only we remain silent by shutting our mouth but we should also shut down our mind from making that incessant noise.

If we remain still mentally and physically, then, we are said to be in the receiving mode of God's power.

This is the only way we can communicate with God. No exceptions!
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