Sunday, March 09, 2008

Law of Universe in action.

Hey, I have kept my word and here I am, completing my previous post.

The Universe functions on the basic premise of 'Inclusion'. It means, whatever we are focusing on, is included in our life experience. Whether you like it or not, the thing, circumstance, event on which your giving your attention will be included and come forth as a reality in your life-no exceptions to this law of universe.

This Universe is based on attraction or inclusion, not based on rejection or exclusion. Our attention to anything comes into our experience-this is law.

I am sure there are questions you would like to ask. For example, you might have met with an accident or you have just a big chunk of your money on stock market. You will ask this question, "Do you mean to say I attracted this? No one will in their right mind would pray for this".

See, I am sure you have not wished or prayed for such a tragedy but sometime in the past, but you would have given your attention on such things and held it in your thoughts long enough to manifest at a later stage.

You would have watched a live accident, or you would have read about it news papers, you might have heard of stock market losses-well these things should have been registered on your subconscious mind. It won't analyze anything as good or bad. It will just proceed to bring about whatever is registered on it.

Please read this post again and the previous post on this same title; you will begin to understand the implications of your thoughts.

My gratitude to Eckhart Tolle and Joesph Murphy who have taught me all these their books.
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