Saturday, March 08, 2008

Law of universe in action.

When you say 'Yes' to something you like and want it in your life experience, it is immediately given to you by the universe and waiting for you to receive it. Of course to receive it, you should be eligible for it. Rather, you must allow it in your life and for that you should a matching vibration.

This is all known to all of us.

But when you say 'No' to something you don't want, can you make it not happen in your life? Do you want me to rephrase the question? Ok, here it is.

You saw someone in a predicament in a restaurant because he had lost his wallet and unable to pay his bill. You saw it and you thought how you will behave given the same situation but decided that you don't want it to happen to you.

Can this prevent it happen? Your 'No' to it-can it exclude it from your life?

Read this blog again tomorrow for the answer!mrgreen
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