Tuesday, March 04, 2008

How to tap the power of Chakras.

Human beings have 7 chakras on their body. These chakras are energy points. If these chakras are properly activated, there is really no limit what one can achieve. Unfortunately, these energy points remain dormant waiting for you to activate it.

Well, how to activate it? Actually, where are they located in our body?
Below is the picture that shows these energy points in our body.

Courtesy: Google Images

Reiki is the most popular and easy method to energize these chakras. Sound meditation is also a very effective method.

Color visualizing technique:
My husband is a Reiki. He explained to me once about the different colors of chakra and one way for a chakra meditation is to visualize those colors during chakra meditation.

Here is a real demo of chakra meditation in YouTube. Duration is 9 minutes.
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