Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Warning! Your anger will be picked up vibrationally.

A normally quiet person that I know of was shocked out of her wits yesterday evening when she was attacked by a total stranger.

This happened when we were waiting in the doctor's reception room. My friend was already disappointed to have kept waiting in spite of her punctuality. Yes, she had kept her time but obviously not the doctor. But then, this happens to all of us-right? It is nothing unusual.

No, I found out I was wrong only after the ugly incident when my friend was first abused by the stranger and slowly it developed into a quarrel that was about to end in physical attack when the doctor intervened to stop it all.

After I questioned my friend a bit elaborately I found out that she had accumulated quite a lot of anger since the last two over myriad matters and that culminated while she was asked to wait.

This carried over anger was picked up subliminally buy someone else with matching emotional vibration.

It is somewhat amusing that both the parties involved in the incident were totally unconscious of their accumulated negative emotion.

Had both them lived only in the present moment, the negative emotion would not have found a place at all to survive. But both were consciously re-living their past two days of incidents that cooked up all those pent up anger.
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