Monday, March 17, 2008

Guaranteed fresh flowers from Fifty Flowers.

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For success minded people, it is advised that they read about people who they consider as successful.

Here is one female that I would like to emulate. It is
Liza Roeser Atwood, founder and chief executive officer of Fifty Flowers. I happened to read an article on her and her company that sells wholesale flowers below the price of wholesale in

Her life story is very inspiring and motivating to me. She started her career in a florist shop and ended up running entire the marketing department for the largest flower grower, exporter, and importer from South America before she founded Fifty Flowers. makes it easy and affordable and sells a whole range of flowers for all occasions including premium bouquets, table arrangements, centerpieces, and wedding flower packages.

I could clearly visualize the challenges of running a successful online flowers shop where earning a good reputation alone pushes forward the company.

Fifty Flowers also send flowers to restaurants, events, hotels, personal flower arrangements, and any occasion that calls for flower arrangements.

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