Sunday, March 16, 2008

Do you fear the lack of air?

We breathe and we are aware of it. But do breathe speedily; rather do we breathe more than medically considered normal with the fear of expected lack of air soon?

It will be sheer madness of course-right?

Every resource in this planet that is not produced by human being is available in abundance. There never is a need for fear of the resources getting depleted because there is an increase in population.

We are all afraid of the shortage-the lack, mainly because we don't consider money also as a form of energy like the air we breathe.

I am happy to have found another person in this world who has similar vibrations like me and like so many spiritually inclined persons. His name is Hemal.

'The Law of Attraction'-it works man; it is the basis of this Universe. Look how I was attracted to Hemal! We both are on same vibration frequency and it brought us together.

Look what he says in his blog 'Manifesting and Law of Attraction' about the money energy.
"Money is only a source of energy or currency; it isn't any different than anything else. We could be trading jelly beans for the things that we want instead of money. IF that were the case, the Jelly Belly factory would be the US Treasury."

A nice blog in the spirituality niche.

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Hemal said...

Thanks Malathy,

I should say that I quote my friend Faydra in that post but I pretty much say the same thing all over that the universe IS abundant and infinite and it is just about lining up to it, it's really about attracting the abundance one wants through their vibration

It's lovely meeting you Malathy and I love your posts, I look forward to lots of wonderful interactions!