Thursday, March 20, 2008

Memorial service in space.

-->Gene Roddenberry

Why we should be afraid of death when we won't be there when death occurs? A thought provoking remark really-isn't it?

I grew up with my grandparents-a generation of very possessive people. In spite of all their wisdom, they spent their life in miserly ways but would want their remains immersed in holy places after their. These were expensive in those days.

This, not at all reasonable wish cannot be understood. Why bother about your remains at all? This passionate attachment to the body even after the death is beyond my comprehension. Obviously, till their death, they didn't realize who they were.

Trying to woo their fancy ideas, a few companies have launched a space memorial service. They will offer to place one gram (yes, just a gram mate) of the deceased person's ash in an aluminum capsule, attach it to a rocket and spend it to space.

For this memorial service in space, they charge $995. The first person who had utilized such a service was none other than the famous Gene Roddenberry, the creator 'Star Trek'. This space service was conducted in 1997. Along with Roddenberry's ashes, the ashes of 23 other persons were scattered in space including that of a 4 year old Japanese boy.

These aluminum capsules are expected to stay in space for several thousand years before falling out like a shooting star.

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