Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mexican vacation at Karisma hotels.

Who in their right mind will have a vacation alone leaving behind the family? I am ashamed to say that my husband will do just that. His argument is he will plan a family vacation once in two years but he will go on vacation as many times as possible every year. What a weird idea!

Ever since I have heard about the Karisma hotels and their all inclusive family vacation at the most coveted Hidden Beach Resort, where a world of sensuality and seclusion beckons, I have been trying in vain to persuade my husband to plan for a trip to Mexico. He is yet to relent.

I have read that Karisma hotel employs exclusive family planners whose duties include facilitating your family’s specific travel needs. They coordinate every detail of your trip, from arranging room assignments to making reservations for family dinners. They will even organize a variety of activities such as family pictures, sporting events, treasure hunts, and tournaments. Planners will even take it one step further to design shirts and embellished gifts with information specific to your family event.

I intend to email him the latest web release of Karisma Hotels. If there is a traveler in him, he will fall for one of Karisma’s package.

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