Saturday, March 01, 2008

Law of attraction worked-a proof.

As I have already written, I have so much to write about in this blog on topics of laws of universe, law of attraction, law of cause and effect and the power of gratitude etc.

After I dug a story in Digg, I searched in it for a story in law of cause and effect. I was surprised to find none on it. Can you believe this?

Just as I was about to exit the Digg, I accidentally clicked on something else there and I found myself reading the 7 spiritual laws. I believed that the law of attraction worked in this case. Don't you think so?

I was automatically guided to something whereas I was searching for it's other face. Yes, law of attraction's other face is the law of cause and effect.

Though, I didn't find anything new in the said article, I believe it may change your life for the better. Read it now and pass it on if you feel like it.
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