Thursday, February 28, 2008

The danger of comparison.

Comparing self with others, our children with other children is known to mankind when they first noticed the lack of something in them which others had.

It can be as silly as an extra candy to as big as President of a nation. We ponder on myriad things, simply wasting time without ever realizing the damage done to self.

People are uncomfortable when other had money to go to a fine restaurant when he ate in roadside diner; people curl themselves in with envy when they are aware that their friend or relative got a better job. The list is endless.

What are all the harmful effects of comparison:
Low self esteem
Unsociable attitude
Envy leading to serious physiological side effects
A feeling of inadequacy
Constant sense of remorse

As the focus is shifted on the lack of something, the law of attraction is set in motion and the lack magnifies.

Whatever we focus on, expands.
Let this important law of universe sink in. Remember to read this law as many times as possible in a day. I am 100% sure, you will change your focus on something you want instead of something you don't want.
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