Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Are you after money?

Who doesn't need money? We all do. We pray for money to buy new gadgets, a big car, more spacious house, pay of credit card debts, renovate the house and so on and on.

You need not feel guilty for wanting all these. In fact God wants us to live a life of joy. Let us ask ourself only one question. What will be the metal state once we buy a new car or once we move into a new house that is more spacious than the previous one?

A sense of happiness and joy. So what we are really after is only a mental state of happiness. A joyous mood. So why not we pray for that state of mind directly?

Do you get what I am driving at?

Don' ask money, ask life because by the time you get the money you asked for, the price of the car or the house might have gone up. mrgreen
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