Tuesday, December 04, 2007

The hospitality of DCW.

I wrote a blog post long time back about my visit to DCW at Sahupuram near Tuticorin. I had mentioned about my friend Mohan and Saravanan in that blog post.

After so many months, I have received an email from a person named Ramji, who was all praise for the wonderful hospitality he received at DCW through Saravanan.

I am really thrilled and very happy that my blog post on something totally personal was read by someone.

Without editing his email, I reproduce it here.
"Hi Malathy

It is nice to see your blog. I am a chartered accountant now working in Chennai.

I am a ex DCW employee and worked with Saravanan.Ofcourse when I got my appointment letter (my first job) in DCW , Saravanan only took me to the bachelors accommodation canteen, factory, guest house.

I can not forget his hospitality and his humbleness and magnanimity. I have travelled 5 continents in the world and I stayed all top class star hotels in the world (like Sheraton New york, Hyaat London, Dubai Burj Al..).

But I have never experienced a warm reception like what Saravanan did it to me to me (that too a new employee joining as Management Trainee).

I am proud to see that Saravanan's name is now visible to the entire world.

I always say to my friends that You could meet 1 Mmuruga at Tiruchendur and the 2nd Murugan at Sahupuram (D.Saravanan).

If possible please post this as comment in your blog.

Thanks & regards

Ramji.M "

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mohideen said...

DCW is a nice place. One cannot forget DCW life. I stayed in DCW clony for 26years and enjoyed every moment in DCW. Club house, Park , ground all the places in DCW are nice one to enjoy.

Mohan said...

I also stayed in DCW from 1965 to 1995(my father worked in DCW). We grew up there and the good memories are still fresh and we cannot forget the good old days - Mohan

Anonymous said...

I have been in Sahupuram and we were one of the initial batch of youngsters to grow up in sahu. I lived there from the day it was built to 1984. A great place with the park, KHSS, clubhouse, temple enough to keep any youngster physically fit ( no need to play video games and watch TV ).
I still keep in touch with Sahu whenever possible.

JK ( L Jeyakumar )

Anonymous said...

Mr. Saravanan is now left DCW, Sahupuram. He is also in Chennai. I think at Orchid chemicals.