Thursday, February 22, 2007

I got the lesson of my life.

After reading loads of books on almost anything spiritual, I assumed I could answer a few questions on life, mysteries of life, self analysis and more.

But so far I never bragged about my little knowledge but sure I revealed what I did learn so far to a few of my friends who genuinely showed interest.

Last week, I was a guest of my friend Mr.N.S. Mohan, Vice President of DCW in Sahupuram, Tamilnadu India. As a guest, I was also treated a like V(I)P.

There, I happen to meet Mr.Saravanan, PRO of the firm. During our relaxed conversation, he was talking lively about so many self development matters and he ended each sentence with a question mark. I thought he was seeking answers for his questions.

So stupid of me to have volunteered to give answer to one of his question and he also magnanimously offered to listen to me. But as I started talking, he took off from there and went on and on that revealed his store house of enormous knowledge and wisdom. And he is 16 years younger to me!

I was immensely ashamed to have volunteered without really being asked for because he obviously did not require anything from me.

I sincerely apologized and vowed never to open my mouth nor expose my so called spiritual knowledge.

Hats off to you Mr.Saravanan. I wish his boss dare not lose him.
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