Sunday, December 02, 2007

A treasure among rubbish.

My family is yet to settle down. We have relocated to 5 different houses in the last 6 years. As every year passes by, we seem to be adding things to our house though we are clearly unaware hat we are accumulating clutters.

But when we start packing to go to yet another house, we discard several boxes of clutters that we manage to add over the years. Sometimes, during sorting and filtering, we used to find valuable items that we call treasures. Somehow, they find their way to the boxes of unwanted goods.

During our routine house shifting last month, an ugly looking star made up of some metal revealed its presence. When my husband was about to throw it away, his brother stopped him and began to inspect the star. He suspected it to be a silver star and did some polishing in an amateurish way to reveal glimpses of the original silver color.

The silver star was awarded to my husband by his school principal in 1971 for his good show in basketball.

Though we never know why it got discolored, we preserved it for memory sake. It must have been made of inferior silver.

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