Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fog and the tragedy.

It is not my habit to blog about any tragedy but I feel really sorry when I read about an accident that occurred yesterday that killed 16 people.

A mini van carrying passengers rammed onto a train at a level crossing in northern India killing several people and injured many persons.

The cause of the accident is dense fog. India is a peculiar country. While it is not as cold as Canada during winter in India, normal life is affected for many hours every day due to very thick fog.

And I would say almost no one is using fog lights in their vehicle. It is probable that they are not aware of the effectiveness of fog lamps that can illuminate the road over a broad area without ever disturbing the visibility of oncoming vehicles with dazzling light. offers a wide range of fog lights that are ideal when traveling through rough country at night or in foggy weather.

BTW, do you know why the fog lamps shed yellow color light?

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