Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So, what do you want?

Say, anything but to yourself.

Do you want to live under the sun till the snow melts in April?
Do you want to feel the joy of giving by gifting the best Christmas goodies you have ever bought so far?

Write it down as clearly and specifically as possible. Read it slowly once and then again. Then put the paper where you will see it often. When you see it, you need not open it as you know what is inside.

Don't allow others to open it. It is between you and the cosmic source. Now believe very truly and sincerely that it has been given by your creator and it exists already in non-physical form.

Allow it to manifest in your experience by remaining absolutely joyful, expecting your desires to appear in your experience without any impatience.

It will appear exactly at the right time. Do you want to know 'when' is the right time? It is when you are ready to receive it.
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