Friday, December 14, 2007

Ask and it is given.

Yesterday, this blog attracted exactly 50 readers. I was immensely happy. I realize that I have so much to share about self improvement by way of spiritual development but somehow, I don't seem to find time to devote to this blog.

I need peace of mind to write for this blog, I should not be weighed down by the pressure of day to day survival. That is my ultimate wish. I strongly believe that I can positively affect millions of people across the vast expanse of the globe if only I don't have to work for money. This is my ardent desire that I expect it to be answered in reality.

I know it is already answered by my creator with whom I have a bond that cannot be severed. I only have to allow it to appear in my experience by just living now.

Thank you Abraham.
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1 comment:

Hemal said...

I agree Malathy :)

And I know what you mean, let's see what we can co-create....