Sunday, July 29, 2007

You roam the world, we follow.

Let us suppose that I pursue my dream of setting up my own hosting company. I appoint dealers in as many as 15 major cities and they in turn cover every small towns and villages surrounding their cities.

Web hosting is an internet related business. So it is very appropriate that I communicate with my business associates through hosted PBX small business VoIP phone systems because of amazing advantages.

Instead of listing all the advantages that will take up a minimum of two pages, let me talk about just a few.

I can shift my head quarters to literally any part of the world and start my operation at the same instant without having to wait for a local phone company to come and install the phone system, test drive it and then give the green signal.

Using VoIP, my operation costs are drastically reduced due to unlimited free service & support as well as improved long distance and international calling plans.

I advise you to click on the link above and visit to get your own two pages of information about the advantages of using a hosted PBX small business VoIP phone system.

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