Saturday, July 28, 2007

Dealth penalty to whom?

I read in a local news paper that so far 12 persons were sentenced to death in the 1993 masacre.

Shall we analyse this barbaric punishment?
Ok, people were proved guilty. Now he is punished with death sentence. Who they are killing?
Who actually committed the crime-his body or his mind?

We cannot take any action without our mind directing us to do something-right? Then, only his mind is to be punished. But that cannot be because mind has no form.

So, his body is going to stripped of his soul which escapes his body in an unevolved state and likely to continue the same when it enters the body of another in its next incarnation.
So, the very purpose of punishing a person is defeated.

So, what do I suggest?
Instead of taking his life away, he can be patiently taught about religion and spirituality, soul and its purpose etc. This may take long years but can be done and his soul will be evolved to a large extant when it naturally leaves his body.
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