Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Talk to your disease.

Reading again Dr. Wayne Dyer's book on spiritual solution to every problem, I was inspired by a real incident that happened in his daughter's life when she was a kid in school.

She suddenly developed rashes on her face that stayed for a long time. She was advised to talk to her illness by dermatologist.

She did as instructed and in three days time, her face cleared much to the amazement of her parents and school teachers. But she refused to disclose what exactly did she talk to her rashes. Till date, she kept a secret.

I, think my husband have found out the secret. Yesterday night, after reading that incident, he told me that he calmly talked to his foot ulcer and in just a few hours, it disappeared and he slept peacefully.

This discomfort has been bothering him for three years and doctors tied the cause with his diabetics. But, even when he brought the blood sugar under control, he experienced the pain constantly on his feet.

For the benefit this blog's readers, I write here what he talked.
" I know that you can heal yourself. Please heal this discomfort. I will take care of you and you take care of me".

This is just the summary of his conversation. Unfortunately, I can't write all that he told me.
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