Monday, July 16, 2007

I call the help of my angels.

I have been taught to call the help of my angels whenever I need help in solving a problem.

Initially, I was not successful in calling them, but it seems they have taken pity on my repeated failures and now started rushing to my call.(Smile)

I read that every one is born with at least one or two spirit guides that I call them angels. Depending on the new soul's spiritual development and the purpose with which it has entered a new body, it is assigned the help of spirit guides.

They are of course invisible but one should know that they are available at your beck and call. They have come along with your soul mainly to guide you through this life.

I firmly believe in this theory and I have experienced their guidance.
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Ana l Bamboo Flooring said...

I have read several books regarding angels and each kind.
It is actually true and there are many testimonies that can testify it.