Monday, July 16, 2007

Why law of attraction fails a few people?

Today, I thought I will remember Linda Miller. It has been quite sometime that I paid a visit to her web site.

I was first attracted to her site because of Law of Attraction worked in my life. She has a valid point when saying why the law fails a few a people.

The main difference between people who have everything they want and those who failed to attract their desires is the purpose of their desires. It is our passion in our life that tells us what we have to do and what we want to fulfill our commitments.

People, money, objects, careers, whatever we want that is in line with our purpose will only manifest in reality.

I think this makes sense. When I try to analyze why somethings don't show up in my life, Linda Miller views fit in.
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Anonymous said...

Well chances are since I dont have google you wont get a hold of me. I was looking for laws of the universe I know attraction is one of them. Afterall there is that dvd going around. im sure you've heard of it. I found certian aspects of my life changed for good, for short amount of time. How people always worry about debt, he gets more debt. It's the way of the universe it doesnt know that what your thinking is negative, it's like your putting out waves of negativity so therefore you draw negativity. Positive brings in positive, including positive thinking people. I know when I have one issue i get negative about it, then the people around me get grumpy, then we seem to bring in even grumper people. Big grump fest when we should be nicer to each other, and think more positive. So in otherwords training your brain is the key. People these days just spout off a comment about their love life, finacial life, ect sucks and thats what they get suckiness in those areas. They dont think that maybe they should think positive on a daily basis. People in turn also get discouraged because it's not coming fast enough *like me they turn around bad mouthing what they learn about attraction. Not realizing it will take time, the universe as ive heard needs to get in the right place at the right time. And still keep positive about that. Afterall what takes you a long time to get seems to be more value to that person than. Than something that was so easy to get for some reason we then dont want it. Like it's not worthless to us. Kinda funny I find I'm thinking about how I wanna see so and so . About a week later I get the urge to go to a certian place. And there they are. Or maybe you need help in some area, maybe surport of some sort and boom an oppitunity arises at some point. You meet the right one and instantly you feel alot better. Happened to me again just yesturday. WHich was good cause as my life now is not in tune with what I want nor need. This woman put a fear to rest for me, by telling me if what i said happens to call her up and she'll get me help asap. That she will vouch for me any day given if i need it. Physcho father of my child that im pregnant with. People are so busy with life and issues, they cant or dont wanna bother with sitting down for a few minutes to think of what they have that they are greatful for. Although insted of sitting down and grumping they could be doing something a bit more mind easing *once u think of something to be thankful for lol.

Anonymous said...

sorry for this post i just posted one. But i believe everything has a given time and place. Problem is there is this urging message that comes to people and they dont follow it. So therefore it goes back out there whereever it wants to land and you dont get what you want. Not only that but if your wanting a job of some sort how will you get one when your sitting in the house, no resumes placed. No one will know your number until you give it. One thing i wanted in my life was a child. I prayed for it i focused on it even put a get pregnant by such a such day. I did, didnt realize, it miscarried. Then i found out later when i got real ill from it. I turn around and put out the wish again, im pregnant around the day I wanted to be pregnant by. Still going strong, healthy as a horse. Jumping and dancing in there having a good ole time. I got what i wanted. now to change the rest of my life hahaha.