Tuesday, June 26, 2007

What a packetshaper can do?

I am sure users of VoIP might have been aware of a small, very small delay while communicating with another person across the globe.

Oracle based professionals too get irked by this near negligible in delay while processing an application even though they would have deployed high speed processor.

Both the above applications are said to be latency-sensitive.

What is the reason?

When valuable bandwidth is used up by recreational traffic like P2P or streaming-media, the performance of important business application can be negatively impacted.

When this happens, users complain about slow applications.

Is there a remedy?

Yes, packetshaper developed by Secure Content Solutions has improved the efficiency of your network communications.

How it works?

Without going into great technical detail, let me be brief:

Packetshapers first can be used to monitor and analyze network traffic and show you the applications that are in use on the network, when and by whom.

It allows you to allocate the bandwidth to other traffic that one may call as ‘pest traffic’ after monitoring the overall traffic that lets you get to know which other application is eating up your valuable bandwidth.

I am sure IT parks in Madras, can find the packetshaper very useful.

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