Saturday, June 09, 2007

Take my assistance says ....

"Hello, I am always available, why don't you take my assistance?"-says our higher self which is also known as inner self.

Who exactly is your inner self? It is the actual 'You'. I mean it is that part that is always in touch with your creator as an extension of the creator himself!

We all can easily communicate with our inner self if we sincerely want to. If achieved, then you can request for any kind of help in any difficult situation and be assured that you will get it almost instantly.

Even in your happy times or in your usual normal mood, you can set up a nice chat with your higher self. You don't need any special chat interface to do this.

Then what do we exactly require? How do we communicate with our God?
Adrian explains it all in his remarkable book "Our Ultimate Reality". I bought this book about 16 months before, printed all of it and been reading with sheer admiration for this man's insight.

Go to his web site, give your email and you will receive 7 free chapters from his book. I am sure you will buy it once you finish reading the free chapters. Because I bought the book exactly in the same way.
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