Saturday, June 09, 2007

I am wise now.

I shouted and shouted in enthusiasm till my throat became dry. In fact I thought it started bleeding inside.

As a mathematics coach, I spend roughly 7 hours talking to my students, so I can’t afford to neglect my sore throat.

I sought medical attention and I wrote down, “I was cheering up my favorite basketball team from the stands yesterday” and showed it to the ENT specialist in response to his question on the reason for my sore throat. I wrote down because no sound came from my mouth.

The doctor asked me if I was sitting at the back of the stadium for which I replied in affirmation. He advised me to take a seat in one of the front rows in future if I can’t sit at home for the upcoming matches.

He suggested that I should go online for Miami Heat Tickets and ensure that I get to sit nearer the basketball court so that the players can literally hear my voice. Buying tickets for sports and concerts online from is an option we should utilize if we want to really enjoy the event.

I am wise now.

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