Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sports forums are my favorite.

Not that I am a sports woman but I can say I was one if you consider my little experience on badminton during my college days nearly three decades ago.

But I pride myself on one aspect; I am still interested in games and sports and I read various sports forums but I never contribute.

Yesterday, I happen to read about the difficulty in getting tickets in America for any kind of premium sports events. Especially, football attracts lot of interest and buying Miami Dolphins Tickets at the gates of the venue is near impossible because all the tickets are usually grabbed online through who is the prime online tickets broker.

Sports lovers wisely avoid all the hassles of obtaining tickets for their favorite NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL by relying on Even for fun shows held in places like Las Vegas and major musical comedy shows, people buy it online and with their tickets delivered at their doorsteps by FedEx, they happily walk through the gates of the stadium or concert halls much to the envy of hose waiting outside.

What a nice way to enjoy your favorite shows and games!

See, that’s why I linger around sports forums.

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