Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Feeling abondoned?

I can understand your feeling dejection when the person you have loved for years unconditionally has abandoned you for various reasons.

I hear this is quite frequent in western countries. I agree it happens in India too but such incidents are rare. This may end in violence also sometimes. Our pictures don't fail to depict this at every opportunity; news papers too participate in propagandizing such cases.

But do you sincerely feeling for the loss will really change the scene? Moreover you keep focusing on your ill feelings and thereby you attract more of it as per the law of attraction.

So what to do in such situations?
Say this: " I trust that love will return in my life. I choose to feel good right now and focus on what I have rather than what is missing".-Dr. Wayne Dyer.

Repeat this many times a day and you will see things turn around for better and you will soon will be enveloped in such a love that you will admit that the past has paved for this new and increased love.

Trust me! This will work.
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Anonymous said...

Hi :) I really like the post, as I like the blog :)

People are indeed all able to shape their surroundings by merely finding a healthy perspective :)

It was refreshing to come accross your blog :)

Very nice :)