Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Heart or head contest.

When I was a teenager, I read Ayn Rand with passion. I was terribly impressed by her ideals, writing style and philosophy.

At that age, I firmly believed that head should rule the heart. I earned the wrath of my family and they called me adamant. I just took it in my stride; I knew I was not adamant.

But, now that I have aged, read spirituality and thus came to a conclusion that the heart should rule the head. Listening to the inner voice is more virtuous and wise. Neglecting your feelings and emotions will surely thwart my spiritual growth.

In my local daily today, (The Hindu) there was a news item that reported a Mr. Joe Kaiser won the title and a gold medal for this year's Great American Think-Off in which ordinary people debate perplexing questions.

Mr. Kaiser argued that a person should trust the heart more than the head.

The news originally came from AP says, "America's Greatest Thinker is not a famous philosopher, an award winning mathematician or internationally known astrophysicist but a musician and an arts administrator.
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