Friday, May 25, 2007

Our blockages date back to 25,500 BC.

What an amazing concept it is-the DNA activation that removes our blocks which were formed 25,500 BC.

The DNA Perfection says we all are born with more than 2 strands of DNA and we have additional 12 strands which when activated can turn us in to super human being on par with God.

We are actually extensions of God why we fail to have the attributes of God is mainly due to our disconnection from our Source.

This remote controlled DNA activation will release the all subdued DNA strands that we are actually born with.

There is also some mention about Earth's ascension cycle, which is literally a time continuum shift. From now through 2012, the planet is going through this time continuum shift, which only happens once every 25,556 years (called a Euiago cycle).

Something makes sense here and but all the vital information is stuffed in page where the background the fonts just do not match and a strain to the eye.

The home itself is designed as a FAQ page. The information could have sounded more authentic had it been backed with some scientific evidence.

But a website worth looking at because of some unique information.
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