Friday, May 25, 2007

What is Titus Concept.

My blog post on the Story of Fillmore' received a comment from one Mr.Al Diaz of Titus Concept.

In the comment Al Diaz said the Dr.Joe Vitale wrote Foreword to his book "The Titus Concept Money For My Best and Highest Good".

Let us what is this Titus Concept:
He says it's a series of easy steps to bring you the life you desire and require.
"When you learn about The Titus Concept, you already have what you desire and require; you only have to take these simple steps to bring it into your material world. You are, in fact, already rich beyond your wildest dreams!"

One thing I can vouch for the effectiveness of the Law Of Attraction'-I am getting more and more free material on the subject and the Titus Concept is second in a row since yesterday.

Yesterday I received a terrific gift from Laurie Brenner and I was happy that it came on my 22nd wedding day.

I have finished reading the e-book in one sitting and yet to start my exercises prescribed in the book.

I will go through Titus Concept on Sunday and share it with you my feedback.

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Bruno Heufelder said...

Hi Mala,
what a coincidence (if that exists). I posted about, and got a comment from Al Diaz. I'm also playing with the Titus concept for some time.
And I also found some days ago the DNA perfection website (as posted on your blog), and had similar feelings as yours.

Thanks for your good blog,

I wish you all the best and highest good

Malathy said...

Thanks for your kind words.
I wish you the very best this life can offer.