Wednesday, May 23, 2007

An interview well done.

This is my son’s third year of his Computer Engineering course. He has one more year to go when he secured a job in a big multi national IT company.

The written test and the interview were tough and provocative. All went on smoothly till he faced some high technical questions and his basic aptitude in computer engineering.

The moment he answered ‘Security solutions’ for major IT companies, he realized that he laid himself a trap for more technical questions.

But he managed with ease thanks to the recent knowledge he gained from Symark Software, the leading provider of UNIX and Linux security administration solutions.

When rang up from his college and announced excitedly about his successful interview, he did not forget to say thanks to Privileged Access of Symark Software.

Keeping in tune with the federal industry regulations that are stringent,
Symark Software has developed these two brilliant products PowerBroker and PowerPassword.

While the main purpose of PowerBroker is to protect the root account which is vulnerable to both external and internal threat, their PowerPassword-UME enables IT managers to centrally deploy, modify and delete individual UNIX and Linux user accounts.

Major hosting companies that manage several servers across the nation should be aware of Symark PowerKeeper that provides storage and secure access of administrative passwords for multiple servers, applications, and network devices.

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