Friday, April 27, 2007

A spellbound trip to San Clemente.

My relative, a doctor recently had been to San Clemente to attend a convention of Gynecologists. It was her first visit to the U.S. and she is damn lucky to visit California for her visit to the U.S.

When she returned yesterday, she was bubbly and dazed seeing the life style of the Californians. The cities and towns are nothing like in India. Everywhere there were green parks full of trees and beautiful flowers. Every house she passed by had immaculately laid out lawns.

Every house was built with refined taste and spacious too. She thought that the richest people in the world are living only in areas such as Orange County, San Diego, Rancho Santa Fe and the likes.

During a recess, when she was all appreciation of the places she saw so far, she could visibly see the pride in their faces that were beaming with acknowledgment.

She was told by the local residents that an increasing number of wealthy people are looking to retire in San Diego County and Orange County. because of the tropical and moderate weather.

In my home today, she searched for some properties for the keyword orange county real estate and she was surprised to find the price very high. No wonder about the rich and healthy lifestyle she witnessed there.

One of her co-attendees in the convention recommended her to visit which offers a wide range of houses in every communities in California including the coveted Beverly Hills.
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