Friday, April 27, 2007

Increasing Higher Awareness!

Yes, it is a tough task-increasing your higher awareness when you don't even know the meaning of your higher-self.

Our higher-self is our inner-self which is in turn our connecting source to our creator. Meditating, practicing certain japas or following certain basic spiritual principles are some the ways to increase our vibration so as to align it with the higher vibration of our source.

This is internet world. There are so many e-books available to facilitate our self growth. I have with me about 100 such e-books that I am reading slowly. I can vouch for their effectiveness.

I express my appreciation and gratitude to Mr.Christopher Westra whom I consider as my ultimate spiritual teacher. His daily emails are life changing for me.

I am citing below one more resource to increase your higher awareness. Try it if you can afford.

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