Thursday, April 19, 2007

Remembering Wholeness.

What if I tell you the place where you can get the following for free?
Before I reveal all of it, you must know who is Carol Tuttle.

If you do a Google on ‘Carol Tuttle’, you will that she is a Mater Energy Therapist, a Spiritual Teacher and an Author.

She is highly respected for her spiritual teachings and healing techniques. I have been regularly receiving her life changing spiritual ideas in my email.

Ok, enough from me on Carol. You will get to know her more when you visit her web site

And when you do that you will find the following free offers.

1.A Free copy of An Introduction to Remembering Wholeness
eBook - This 60 page eBook is comprised of 10 of the
60 Chapters in the full version of Remembering Wholeness.
You can share this eBook with anyone you choose. 
 2. Free 60 min. audio seminar - 'God and the Law of Attraction'
This one-of-a-kind audio seminar will help you better understand
how the law of attraction fits in to God's perfect plan for us.
 3. A Free video - Why God Wants You to Know About the
Law of Attraction
 4. Another Free video - The Bigger Secret
Thank you Carol. I love you.

Thank you Carol.I love you.
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