Thursday, April 19, 2007

Free desk top subliminals.

Somehow I don't seem to have the money to buy professional Subliminal Software combined with binaural beats.

I spent hours already in the internet and compiled quite a lot of resources on subliminal messaging that even Bradley Thompson would give an appreciative pat on my shoulders.

Today, I stumbled on to a free version of subliminal called Desk Top Subliminal.
I downloaded it but it did not work initially. It said that I need .Net Framework which I downloaded it subsequently from Microsoft. (it is 22 mb)

Now it works beautifully and in fact I am seeing it flashing right now on my PC screen.

One can change the font size, font color, set the interval between the messages and also decide the duration of each message (100 milliseconds to 10000 milliseconds). The higher the duration is the slower the message flashing meaning you can read it clearly when you set it higher.

Wanna try?
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