Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Have you been to SeaWorld?

Don’t assume that all you have to visit in Disney World are theme parks and Universal Studios.

There is another world that is truly exciting and fun. Have you always wanted to enjoy the under water world with all its weird creatures from the safety of land?

But be prepared to spend one full day at this venue plus half a day to stand in the long queue to buy your admission ticket. If not half a day, at least a few hours are required to reach the ticketing window.

Disappointed? Don’t worry.

Orlando Vacation will come to your rescue if you buy one of their Disney World packages online. They offer several options like 2 days tour to a week long package that includes several benefits. You can also customize your own Disney Land tour package online in their easy to navigate website.

Be sure to read what are all the attractions to see and what not to miss at the SeaWorld. You can find plenty of useful information in They handle everything for you such as car rental, theme park tickets, night life activities and many more.

They have a tie up with the best hotels in Orlando and you will be able to save some money by getting excellent accommodation at discounted rates.

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