Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Holographic Universe.

Do you remember my earliest posts about Christopher Westra and his life changing e-books that he offered to me free of cost?

If not, no problem, allow me to remind you about I Create Reality e-book that explains how you can use Holographic Creation to easily manifest your desires even if you lack visualization skill.

I give below a few things about what this book can do for you:

*Hope and Enthusiasm back into your life!

*Confidence that your personal creations are growing.

*The freedom to live the life you've always wanted.

* A new self-image that expands your goals and dreams.

* Increased energy and zest for living.

*The practical methods to create what you want!

Two days before, one of my friends gave me a book entitled 'The Holographic Universe" written by Michael Talbot in which he writes about:

A new theory of reality.

The latest frontiers of Physics.

The paranormal abilities of mind.

The unresolved riddles of brain and body.

Just after reading a few pages, the book got me glued to it and I am unable to hide my thrill and thats why I took time off to write about it here.

Knowledge seekers of realities of our Universe and the mystery behind it must get hold of this now!

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