Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sorry, please leave your wallets behind!

The above sentence was expressed politely but firmly by the staff of the Almond Resorts, St. Lucia. The staff was exclusively allocated to my family to attend to us.

The all inclusive vacation package that we booked with Family Vacation Resort meant just literally that –‘All Inclusive’. We never had to pay for food, drinks, and various other fun filled activities they had arranged for us.

Our selection of destination too did not take too long. In their recently launched website,, the leader in the all-inclusive travel experience, there is a customized booking engine and intuitive functionality that made the search and selection of the right tour package easy and exciting.

Every resort that they featured in their website had images of the resort, facilities in the room, activities to engage us etc. More over, we were able to save plenty of money as they offered discount up to 50%.

One can take a virtual tour in the web site; compare the ratings of the resorts given by fellow features all-inclusive resorts in popular beach and sun destinations, including Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Mexico.

You must try at least once to experience the most luxurious vacation you ever had.

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