Thursday, March 01, 2007

The Credit card that enables you to save.

I know of a person who simply stuff up his house with the latest gadgets, home utilities etc by utilizing discounted offers given by his credit card issuing bank.

Yes, I too have saved in the past with very less usage of my credit card just by grabbing various special offers that come along with the credit card statement.

Enjoy big savings on Easter Eggs from Chocolate Express, London breaks and West End shows as well as high street retailer discounts plus enticing travel benefits offered by Mint Card.

Of course they offer ‘0’ % balance transfer facility and online account management. It comes with no annual fee and you are also protected against credit card fraud online.

They take care of your card security through CHIP and PIN and one can avail an offer of ‘Add on card’ too to be given to a family member or a friend.

I suppose Mint Credit Cards is the first one to issue a Mint Gift Card. I feel it is very thoughtful of them to come out with this idea which gives the receiver the freedom to go shopping at his/her favorite shops. It's more innovative than a gift voucher to spend in just one store, and it's definitely more personal than cash.

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