Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Anthony Treas and Jafree.

I saw a comment by Mr.Anthony Treas on one of my blog posts I wrote about Mr.Christopher Westra and his generous gifts of his e-books to me.

Mr. Anthony's sincere comments made me look up at his 12 week life transformation course and I immediately subscribed to it. I never miss an opportunity to teach myself.

The first week lesson was about his interview with Jafree Ozwald, a personal manifesting coach.

As I read on, I was impressed very much by the way it was conducted by Mr.Anthony and his questions were beautiful in bringing out the best from Mr. Jafree. One should read it to understand what I mean.

Sure, he is fit to be a life coach-Mr.Anthony.

Oh, I forgot to mention his blog 'Activate your potential' which I read it today for the first time.
I wish there is way to subscribe to his blog through email so that I can read his blog posts as and when he updates it.
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