Tuesday, February 06, 2007

More benefits of Holosync Meditation.

Further to my earliest post on Holosync meditation, I have learnt more about this and its advantages through a personal email from Mr. Christopher Westra.

I have tried several times the transcendental meditation through CDs and
from a few friends but never able to get the concentration and the focus
it requires.

But meditation with Holosync keeps things very simple. You don't have to
learn to focus your mind as you meditate because the technology creates the
same effect in the brain. The soundtracks produce the effects you want without
the conscious effort.

In fact, using the Holosync actually creates a greater effect than traditional
meditation, which leads to much faster results!

And if you've never attempted meditation because you thought it was too hard,
complicated, or time consuming, then you are in for a real treat. You can
fit Holosync easily into your life, and experience the real, tangible benefits
of holographic brain synchronization.

But whatever technique we use to meditate, the objective is to connect
to our inner-self.

Thank you Mr.Westra for throwing more insight.
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cylon said...

Can you use hypnosis and self hypnosis to improve your health?

Well in 1958 the American Psychological Association, the American Medical Association and The British Medical Association concluded that hypnosis was indeed a viable therapeutic tool and approved its medical use.

Although there are many theories, no-one really knows how or why hypnosis works. However, the benefits of its use are clear. It has been used successfully in all manner of treatments from IBS to pre-surgery relaxation and post-surgery pain relief.

Olympic athletes, footballers, basketball layers, golfers etc., have known about the power of the mind for some decades now (perhaps the elite knew even further back). It has been shown in medical studies that when you visualise yourself performing a task your muscles respond in exactly the same way as they would if you were actually doing the task. Sports psychologist have used this to their, and their clients, advantage for years now.

The power of the mind is becoming more evident to the medical establishment as well. Everyone knows about the beneficial effects of using a placebo. It seems that if the mind is convinced that something is true then it will make it true even if the situation appears to be the exact of opposite in the 'real world'!

It seems that the quickest way to get the mind to accept a new belief is through hypnosis and self hypnosis. Phobias can be eliminated in one session now and new beliefs planted in the same aount of time.
The use of hypnosis as a weight-loss tool is well written about as its effectiveness in quitting smoking! It has been used very effectively in non-surgical breast enhancement and treating erectile dysfunction. So it is not very hard to believe that it could be used to convince the mind that health is abundant or that a particular unhealthy situation is reversing itself.

Once the mind becomes convinced that an unhealthy situation no longer exists and that health is abundant then just like the visualiser who makes his/her muscles respond to a mental image the person in discomfort or dis-ease can make his/her body begin to repair itself. Makes sense right!
No-one can predict the scope of hypnosis for healing. However, everyone knows of miracle healings that have taken place when a sick person has visited a spiritual healer, bathed at Lourdes, prayed etc. If these healings can take place then I see no reason not to believe that hypnosis can have the same effect.

Unfortunately, no large scale studies have been undertaken, to my knowledge, that have tested the power of hypnosis to cure chronic or terminal illness but I do believe there is enough evidence to suggest it is a very beneficial tool in recovery. self hypnosis

Malathy said...

Thank you Cylon for your insight on self hypnosis. I will visit your website and blog it here.