Thursday, February 01, 2007

Internet coupons offer by Ebates.

In today’s internet marketing world, many would not even know C.W. Post who is the father of ‘Coupons’ when he used this idea of giving coupons to his loyal customers who bought his breakfast cereals. This happened in as early as 1909.

Now, 98 years later, more than 700 corporations offer coupon discounts. Each year, coupons generate more than 8 billion dollars in transactions within the U.S. alone.

Ebates is one such online shopping giant that offers the best Coupons & Specials on the web. If a person becomes a free member in Ebates, he is given access to more than 800 online stores through Ebates.

The internet’s reputed consumer electronics store apple, a partner of Ebates is now giving cash back on its products that include ipods, note books, Mac mini desktop in lieu of the forthcoming Valentine Day.

Not only that, you'll earn up to 25% cash back on your purchases of various other products that are sold though Ebates stores.

As per the BBB, this company is in business since 1999.

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