Saturday, February 03, 2007

Finding Your Ideal Life Work.

No, I don't think it as a coincidence that I stumbled on to this blog post because only yesterday, when I was studying the "Science of getting rich" e-book, I came across the ways to acquire the job you always wanted while still persisting with your present job.

I am only reproducing a few points and you click here to read it fully.

Most people want meaning and fulfillment in their work, not just a 9:-5: job
that pays the bills. If your heart is longing for a new career, read these tips
and put them into action!

1. Be happy with who you are where you are right now. Practice feeling as
though you are in your ideal work wherever you are right now. Don’t wait
to be happy or accept yourself “until… ‘ you lose he weight, meet the right
partner, get the great job. The time is NOW.

2. Practice living your life purpose right now. What are the values you live
by, no matter where you go? Express those!

3. Identify your important past accomplishments, starting from your
earliest memories. What’s important about them today?

4. Identify your unique skills and abilities and favorite activities. Make a
list- brag on yourself! Ask your friends what they see as your skills and
abilities. Notice what you do easily. What do others ask you to do?

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Kristen Schuerlein said...

Malathy, thank you for sharing my recent post about "finding your ideal work", but I must give credit where credit is due. These 10 QuickTips are those of Patricia Crane, PhD. Along with Rick Nichols they have a site called Anyone wanting more of their wisdom can sign up for a newsletter or attend one of the workshops they offer all over the US, England and Australia. My best to you, Kristen

Malathy said...

Thank you Kristen.
You are a kind person. God is with you.