Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tips for civil engineers to locate the best employer.

When my son had completed his schooling, I asked him what future plan is. He replied that he wanted to study computer engineering.

I suggested he opt for civil engineering because Civil Engineer Jobs will throw more opportunities due to its several branches that are:

Construction Engineering;

Land Surveying;



Sanitary Engineering;

Structural Engineering.

I showed him several successful civil engineers in our family circle itself who are very happy to have chosen this field.

All over the world, real estate development is booming and the demand for civil engineers will never wane when compare to IT engineers where retrenchment is quite common in the IT industry.

A top civil engineer can get placement anywhere in the world; one can even get work in south pole. The challenges thrown to civil engineers are in abundance in varied environments.

Many of the top civil engineering firms in the U.S. are currently in need of about 543 civil engineers according to CSI, a pioneer in the recruitment of civil engineers since 1967.

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