Monday, January 08, 2007

Netochka Nezvanova-does she really exist?

Internet has its own list of celebrities in as many fields as a University faculty offers.

But can you consider Netochka Nezvanova too as a celebrity? well I would in a sense.
When a personality’s website or blog is widely read irrespective of the purposes, that person is a celebrity.

"For someone who does not exist -- at least the way you or I do -- Netochka Nezvanova has a fearsome reputation. She's a gifted computer programmer and polemicist, an artist and a pain-in-the-ass, a critic of capitalism and fascism, as well as a capitalist and a marketer".

"Artists use her software, Nato.0+55 , to manipulate video for live performance and installations. But some see Netochka herself as a work of art, an online spectacle many years running that's one of the Net's great performances.

Netochka is the human face of a software tool kit used to sample and morph digital video in real time. The name Netochka Nezvanova is a pseudonym borrowed from the main character of Fyodor Dostoevski's first novel; it translates loosely as "nameless nobody." Her fans, her critics, her customers and her victims alike refer to her as a "being" or an "entity."

The rumors and speculation about her range all over the map. Is she one person with multiple identities? A female New Zealander artist, a male Icelander musician or an Eastern European collective conspiracy? The mystery only propagates her legend".

I thoroughly enjoyed this story.

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