Saturday, January 06, 2007

Oh no, not again!

I don’t know whether it is a curse or I am just plain unlucky.

Again I find myself late and because of that I am at a loss.

Only last week, I hired a freelancer to take care of my accounts but today I found the same service at a much lesser rate per month.

This service is being offered by Diana Heeb Bivona, who authors several free business info in her blog. I believe her blog is frequented by entrepreneurs and small business owners as it contains many more informative articles on finance, tax etc.

IncParadise now offers Full Service Bookkeeping program designed for clients who require all the normal transactions and operations of an accounting or finance department, but don’t need or want an extra employee to handle the job.

The service covers reconciliations, entering transactions, credit card accounts, bank accounts, merchant accounts, PayPal accounts, etc. A flat fee per month is charged based on the amount of pages of statements.

There is also an interesting article entitled ‘Home based business trends in 2007’.

For example, there is a business opportunity in due diligence services called ‘Background Checks’. Small businesses with limited resources are turning to background check companies to handle investigation and due diligence.

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